In the beginning of Millennium, HIT was established with the mission of press tooling project management and sales activities, and following year, the company extended its business field into 3D metrology, as it is essential and supportive for press tooling industry.

In the process of company’s ongoing growth, we realized that only project management & sales activities were NOT enough to satisfy our customers. In fact, we believe that we must have strong technology base and know-how by ourselves in order to achieve customer’s satisfaction fundamentally. Therefore, we decided to operate our own Engineering division since 2008.

As we were developing our engineering team with our customers, we acknowledged the necessity of acquiring new production method, which makes possible for us to invent more innovative and cost saving way to manufacture press die tooling. After careful contemplation and preparation internally, we once again decided to operate our own production facilities as subsidiaries from 2012 in pursuance of achieving above mentioned new manufacturing technology.

We, HIT Automotive, hereby are equipped ourselves with engineering capacity(covering process design, simulation, and die construction design), professional project management resources, the 3D measurement experts(CMM, Scanning & Reverse engineering), and our partner tool-shops(covering the production). With this intensive organization, we strongly believe that we are able to build up long-term business relationship in trust with our customers.

Dear customers,

As the representative of HIT AUTOMOTIVE, I promise that we will make every effort to provide you with the superior quality press tools at the competitive price, through our constant innovation and continued investments in R&D for the future.

Thank you.
CEO Anold KIM