Quality Control

Our metrology team supports three-dimensional precision measuring system in order to ensure the highest quality in the fields such as automotive, heavy industry, shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace, medical, wind energy, and a variety of industries.

Our team supports directly to the HIT automotive’s mold products for produced high quality and in the systematic production management to foster. In the process, a three-dimensional measuring instrument is using from the development stage to quality assurance steps.

For example, we measure a Primary processing mold in the early development stages by CMM or Potable Arm/Laser Tracker and compares the measured result and 3D drawings.

And we analysis any modifications are required on a mold and how they should be fixed. Because this modifying is not a completion step of process, it is great helpful to the direction of production time and product quality in securing.

And then in the Stamping stage, we confirm where is bad and how much is bad with 3D laser scanning works.
We analyzes a sheet metal using a laser scanner scans the actual production where products are compared to how much of a 3D CAD model different by a measuring program through color map, section, and simulation analyzation.
If we think to need mold modification, we do it.

Through this systematic production quality control system, it increases productivity and quality characteristics, the reliability is also ensured.

The 3D measuring system uses making the quality of the product report in a Final stage.

Such a systematic quality management system is applied in the production of HIT automotive items with the highest quality.

Moreover, metrology team supports not only managing HIT Automotive mold production process, but also we sales our excellent 3D measuring instruments to the domestic industries. Metrology team is making a profit from sales of our items too.

Metrology team serves Total Solution to Korean customers. We have all kind of items such as CMM, Potable Arm & Tracker, exterior meter, calibration equipment, and a new developed item FMM (Field Measurement Machine).

We make right plan and serve right items for the customers.

Thank you.