Project Management

Currently we divided our project management team into three different teams depending on region, customer, and experience in pursuance of providing our customers consistent services as well as decent quality level by knowledge of customer’s specification and other necessary needs.

Our project management team has its own goal to support and give “ONE STOP SOLUTION” to our customers, which means our project managers will get involved in every stage of project from Engineering, Manufacturing, Correction Loop, and Homeline Tryout so (our customers can have one contact point to resolve all issues throughout the project.) that customer always contact only the project manager to resolve all issues through project. This is what we refer to “ONE STOP SOLUTION”.

PM1 Team

Project Manage Team 1 is assigned with task to support customers in Italy and France as one of leading supplier for MA Group.
Also we are aiming to expand our range to rapidly growing  markets such as Brazil, Argentina, and South Africa.
Our team is capable of the languages; English, Italian, and Spanish.

PM2 Team

Project Manage Team 2 is assigned with tasks to support customers in Northern and Eastern part of Europe.
Our main customers are SKODA, GEDIA, AAT, TOWER.
To maintain the consistency of the communication, each project manager is involved from Kick-off meeting to Home-line try out.

PM3 Team

Project Management Team 3 is assigned with tasks to support customers in Northern part of Europe and North America(BMW, OPEL, Voestalpine, MAGNA Group, and etc).
Our team is sharing all information of each project inside of the team in order to filter out the issues and try to reduce gap of quality level gap between projects.