In 2014, H.I.T Automotive dreams another great leap.

That is the introduction of Q-system.

Q-system is an innovative web-based system, which aims to improve the quality of products. The system integrates the process from the customer’s request to the end of the project and supports each department by sharing information quickly at any time, in anywhere.

Previously, during the course of the project, each individual managed and delivered data directly. Data files were stored in the personal pc or ftp server, so documents were not organized into one unified data and work was carried out sporadically.

In practice, this phenomenon directly caused some inconvenience. We had to find specific design and technical information for the progress of the project from personal pc or ftp server one by one, and were able to find the related information and review the history only through the person in charge.
Furthermore, In case of the person’s absence, it was hard to find the location and history of the saved data.

These problems became apparent when the project was run. Since technical and design information was not managed systematically, we were required to proceed the next project without confirming previous issues or check lists.
Then, even in the similar project, there was no way to verify the information related to the progress of the project, so we should start from the beginning again, and unnecessary cost was increased. Moreover, valuable technical information, which must be protected as the company’s intellectual properties , was in danger of loss.

As a result, in order to complement such problems and improve the job performance, we decided to develop our own system. Through 1 year-trial, Q-system was developed.

Systematic business management has been a great influence. Previously projects were performed in off-line respectively, but now in on-line. So, between the members, information is being shared and we are now able to manage the technical know-how and outcomes synthetically.
The technical know-how begins to be accumulated and H.I.T’s competitiveness will be stronger in the industry. In the rapidly changing market, based on the shared foundation, it is possible for us to provide our customers high quality and services by the systematic management.
We say “H.I.T is just getting started”
From introduction of systematic management system, we look forward to not only the growth of H.I.T but also the industry, and the growth of the domestic market that is sluggish. H.I.T was established during the IMF crisis. Introduction of Q-system for the flexible and rapid response to customers maybe show the potential of the adaptability in the industrial environment, once again.