In 2000, four young guys started their venture for the future, as they had to quit the company due to the big economic crisis impact called “IMF crisis” from 1997. Korean government lost its control in the market and many of companies went bankrupt at that time.

Though most of them came from DAEWOO Motor Company,
a manufacturer of Korean Automobile, they didn’t start to work in the field of automobile at the beginning, because it was more important for them to survive through this crisis and establish a solid base for the company. They worked hard and did everything they could in order to survive.

In 2001, after a year, they made a rendezvous at the automotive industry with the company named "HIT Trading".
In June, they started a partnership with "CayArbor Group" in Italy and collaborated together to run an office in Turin, Italy. It was a great step to European Automotive Press tooling industry.

At the beginning

In May of 2002, they had a contract of the press tools for the project "Maserati M139", model’s name "Quattro Porte" from one Italian company of Turin, Italy.
Soon after, in July, also came the second contract for the project "Ferrari F137", model’s name "F612 Scaglietti."

- from this point, HIT Trading officially began to sail on the sea of automotive press tooling industry. The orders from European Customers were continued - FIAT "BMPV" and VW "5M0" in 2003.
The engine was already started and the wheels rolled. In November, the company awarded with a trophy "Export over 3 million dollars" by the Korean government and it was just a beginning.


Years later, the market for HIT Trading was extended to U.S.A market. They awarded the first contract from the States. In this year, in September, the company changed "H.I.T Automotive Co., Ltd" that we know today. In 2005, the company began to understand the importance of 3D measurement and decided to run its own Metrology division to reinforce & support the press tooling business. The company got the exclusive distributorship from the French company "Metrologic Group" for the Korean market. At the end of this year, they got another trophy, the front written 5 million

In March of 2007, it opened the "Local Unit" in Turin, Italy, in order to support the existing Customers and also explore the other countries in European market, such as France, Germany, Poland and more. After a couple of years, even managed to open the door to South America, such as Argentina and Brazil. The activities have been going on and after 3 years, in 2008, H.I.T Automotive awarded a trophy again at the 45th anniversary of "Export Day", the result was doubled "10 million dollars Export".

In 2009, they decided to move the Headquarters, as a result of the big increase in size of company. In July, they opened the laboratory for new technology, in order to get the new things and innovation for future. The minister for small & medium firm has awarded with the nominative "The innovation technology firm" and had certification of "ISO 9001" and "ISO 14001".

In the end, it had a title "Venture Business Company" and also this year, the company awarded the trophy with 30 million dollars export H.I.T Automotive opened the new year with a very important page of their book. The first month of the year, became a member of the official suppliers BMW Germany. It was the first time in the Asian region to have a contract directly from BMW Germany in the press tooling industry. It was a memorial issue and the result of 10 years of work. There were 4 guys, but after 10 years, are about fifty guys working and the capital arrived over $ 2 million. It was April of 2010.

HIT Automotive always sees different demands from European Customers, especially German OEM based Customers, which was not feasible & realistic in Korean tooling industry by that time. So, they decided to make the manufacturing department of H.I.T Automotive in Kunsan city and started to study its own innovated & precise manufacturing way. This is the way called “Build Up & Saving Q-loops” by making its own simulation set up as same as the reality and preparing all the tool components independently at the same time. From that moment, H.I.T Automotive began to think that their own workshop.

H.I.T Automotive Headquarter

After 2 years of preparation, in 2013 the tool manufacturing division was born in HIT Automotive, collaborate always with technicians of H.I.T Automotive Engineering department. The technology is the real salvation of industry.

In 2014, HIT Automotive realized that they desired to found its own Headquarter with manufacturing site together in order to study and simulate its own product in a more efficient way, especially with high strength material. We believe that the decision is very important not only for HIT Automotive, but also for future of Korean tool manufacturing.

Dear Customers

As the representative of HIT AUTOMOTIVE, I promise that we will make every effort to provide you with the superior quality press tools at the competitive price, through our constant innovation and continued investments in R&D for the future.