In 2005, HIT began to understand the importance of 3D measurement and decided to run our own Metrology division to reinforce & support the press tooling business. Since we acquired exclusive distributorship for the Korean market from "Metrologic Group", our team has been supporting manufacturing division when it comes to any kinds of measurement.

Our team has sale / retail sale business for High Precision Measurement devices used for many different industries, 3D control software – Metrolog. We also provide Reverse Engineering, White-Light Inspection, Optical Measurement and Colour Map with our highly precise measurements and experiences of many years.

Metrology Services

We analyze any modifications required on a mold and how they should be fixed.
Because this modifying is not a completion step of process, it is great helpful to the direction of production time and product quality in securing.

Geometry Scanning Product Analysis

We confirm where is bad and how much is bad with 3D laser scanning works.
We analyzes a mold or a sheet metal using a laser scanner scans the actual production.
where products are compared to how much of a 3D CAD model different by a measuring program through color map, section, and simulation analyzation. If we think to need mold modification, we do it.

Through this quality system control, we can reduce inspection time and do verification, correction of base cutting accuracy of DIE.



  • Axis alignment by T-probe MCP
    Axis Alignment in C / F and JIG

  • MCP Alignment OF C/F & JIG (T-Probe)

Metrology Product

Metrology team serves Total Solution to Korean customers. We have all kind of items such as CMM, Potable Arm & Tracker, exterior meter, calibration equipment, and a new developed item FMM (Field Measurement Machine).